FAQs Repairing

1. Do you fix laptop and desktop PC’s?

Truly in fact! We fix all makes and models of laptop and PC.

2. Do you just repair laptop computers?

Not at all, we fix a wide range of computer, from desktop PC to laptops and all other computers. For more information call +91-9345025100 (day in and day out).

3. Would you be able to fix all brand laptop and pc’s?

We are the chennai’s No. 1 expert company in repairing all brand laptops and pc’s. We fix a wide range of computers, including all major brands.

4. Do you give organize support as well?

That’s one of our main specialties. We provide network installation and support services for both home and business users.

5. Would you be able to replace broken laptop screen?

We can supply and fit screens for all brands of laptop, if you have already sourced a replacement screen we can also fit it for you. For more information visit our Screen Replacement area.

6. Will missing or sticky keyboard keys be replaced?

Frequently we can replace single keys on your keyboard; alternatively we can replace the entire laptop keyboard.

7. Would you be able to fix power supplies and laptop power jacks on-site?

We can carry out power socket, laptop power jack, and power supply fixes both on location and in-store inside within a short time. If your PC’s power jack (socket) is loose or broken, we offer a free collection and return service all through chennai and all power jack/supply work is guaranteed for 1 year..

8. Windows can’t boot or crashes on startup or shuts down without notice. What would it be a good idea for me to do?

Initial step is to back up your information and afterward reinstalling your operating systems. We undertake the two assignments at Techmirth.

9. Would you be able to upgrade my computers memory (RAM) onsite?

Yes, please let us know the manufacturer of your PC or laptop, and its model number when you call.

10. Would you be able to set up my wireless network and configure my laptop to connect with it?

Yes, we can help you with all parts of network installation and configuration, please call +91-9345025100 to discuss your requirements.

11. I have bought another machine and I need to transfer all my data from previous machine to the new one. Can you help?

Sure we can move your data, including your music collection, photos & documents. You must keep in mind that the time it will take varies depending on exactly how much data needs to be transferred. We can carry out data transfer in-store, on-site, or at your home..

12. How long will it take for your engineers to get to me?

We plan to get an engineer to your door within 3 hours after your booking submission.

13. Are engineers available outside normal office hours or at the weekend?

Our engineers are accessible 24 hours every day and 7 days per week!

14. Will you back up my information before starting the repair?

Always. The safety of your data is our number one concern at all time.

15. What will happen to the data backup once my computer is repaired?

The backup will normally be deleted, but at your request we can also store your data on our secure server, we will never keep your information without prior consent.

16. Will it take long to fix my power supply or laptop power jack?

We can typically fix this sort of shortcoming quickly, yet subject to the availability of spares we may require 1-2 working days.

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